Dear friends,

exciting times! For the first time since “Gravity”, a CD that we released with G-runs ‘n Roses back in 2013, I am proud to be able to annouce a new CD release. Well, actually two releases, almost at the same time! The first one is the new CD of Blueland entitled “More Than Enough” which we presented at the Bluegrass Vecer Fest in Horna Poruba, Slovakia on June 30th.

More Than Enough
This marks the fifth release of the Slovakian contemporary bluegrass band Blueland and their first release in 13 years. It follows “All My Life” which was released in the summer of 2005 and features the same line-up, the only difference being that our bass player has since switched from electric bass to acoustic bass. The album features 15 songs and was recorded at Ondra Kozak’s ATAmusic studio. More information can be found at

Bits ‘n Pieces
My good friend Ondra Koz├ík and I have performed as a duo since his departure from G-runs ‘n Roses in the fall of 2016. Last year, we decided that we wanted the capture the joy of playing as a duo on a CD. Last month we ran a crowdfunding project which was very successful and we managed to collect more than we had ever dreamt we would. We would like to sincerely thank all of you who supported our project, you are wonderful!!!

As I am writing this message, the CD is being manufactured and we hope to be able to present it to the public for the first time in the course of next week, during Ondra’s Bluegrass Wellness workshop. All crowdfunders with get their MP3s and/or CDs in the course of the following week, i.e. between July 20th and 27th. The CD will also be available from Ondra’s e-shop. I will add a link as soon as it becomes live.

I would like to thank you once more for your wonderful support and hope that you will enjoy both CDs as much as I enjoyed recording them!



P.S.: The image below shows my full discography – live recordings not included. Click on the image to open a larger view in a new tab.